Valle Vista Assembly of God


  • Sunday Adult Bible Class 9am (Tom Tanney)
  • Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am  Join Us Online
    • Children’s Ministry during 10:30am Service
  • Tuesday Men’s Bible Study 6:30pm [S Building/Room 7]
  • Free Family Meal Wednesdays 6pm | Call church if you’d like to help
  • Wednesday Family Night Adult Bible Study with Pastor 6:30pm | Kids and Youth
  • Women’s Prayer 9am Thursdays
  • Women’s Ministry 10am Thursdays | Worship, Prayer and the Word
  • Women’s Evening Bible Study — 6:30pm | first Thursday of every month, Dinner Served, Childcare
  • Men’s Prayer 8am Fridays
  • Men’s Breakfast 8am, second Saturday of every month
  • Youth 6:30pm Fridays

You Are Warmly Invited….

Join us on Sundays as we open the Word of God, praise, worship, and fellowship together as we grow in our commitment to Jesus Christ. Everyone can join us LIVE ONLINE @ 10:30 AM by using the navigation link called Media-Video near the top of this page and join through Facebook.

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  • Tuesday, January 24 @6:30pm | Men’s Bible Study
  • Tuesday, January 24 @5:30pm | Servers needed to serve dinner at Valley Restart [Call 951-927-6868 for details] (If you want to help cook, show up at 3:30!)
  • Wednesday, January 25 @6:30pm | Family Night and Adult Bible Study
  • Thursday, January 26 @9am | Women’s Prayer
  • Thursday, January 26 @10am | Women’s Bible Study
  • Friday, January 27 @8am | Men’s Prayer
  • Sunday, January 29 @9am | Adult Sunday School
  • Sunday, January 29 @10:30am | Sunday morning worship service
  • Sunday, January 29 @6:00-7:30pm | Worship and Prayer Night | Hosted by Bible Fellowship Church, 26835 Columbia Street
  • Thursday, February 2 @6:30pm | Women’s Evening Bible Study (1st Thursday of the month)
  • Saturday, February 4 @8am | Church Cleaning (1st and 3rd Saturday of every month) | See Tom or Sam for more information
  • Sunday, February 5 @9am | Adult Sunday School
  • Sunday, February 5 @10:30am | Sunday morning worship service
  • Sunday, February 5 @12:00pm | Meet the Leadership Lunch | RSVP at the “Start Here” table or call 951-927-6868
  • Saturday, February 12 @8am | Men’s Breakfast (2nd Saturday of the month)


We believe all people are faced with a sin problem because of the first man's (Adam's) willful disobedience to God. As a result of Adam's fall, all people are born in a sinful condition. And while small children are covered by grace until they reach an age of understanding and accountability, everyone else needs redemption provided only through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Only by receiving His forgiveness and accepting Him as Lord; can people be forgiven of their sins. (Genesis 1:26, 27; 2:17, 3:6; Romans 5:12-19).


     Lead Pastor Mark and Tina Garrett Valle Vista AG in Hemet, CA

Lead Pastor Mark Garrett
and wife, Tina

Executive Pastor Becca Helms

Joyce Hurst, Adult Education

Pastor Ruthie Savon

Ruthie Savon, Outreach Ministry

Location and Contact Information

2700 W. Johnston Avenue, Hemet, CA 92545

Tel: 951.927.6868

Fax: 951.927.9032



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